Collier Lazer Wheel alignmentCollier Commercial Lazer Wheel Alignment uses Josam Lazer AM which is proven to be the most accurate measuring system on the market for wheels and axles, and it works by measuring the rolling direction of the wheels in relation to the centre line of the vehicle.

This is done with a laser beam from a projector fixed to the wheel rim. The beam is then projected onto scales at both ends of the vehicle. When the laser beam shows the same value at both measuring scales it means that the wheels roll straight ahead, this parallel to the centre line of the vehicle.

Laser wheel aligment softwareThe laser projector is fixed onto a universal wheel adaptor, which is adjustable for different sized rims. The wheel adaptor on which the laser is fixed can be adjusted to eliminate the deformation in the rim. The adjustment compensates for run-out of the wheel rim.

Collier Commercial Laser Wheel Alignment not only uses the most accurate wheel alignment system by Josam, but have also completed the intense training programme necessary to make sure our application meets the high standards of accuracy the equipment is proven to deliver.

PC software is used to calculate the measurements so adjustments can be made and then saved in a database. Printouts can be done before and after the adjustment.