Did you know?

Incorrect wheel alignment is one of the main causes of tyre wear
1mm misalignment reduces mileage performance by 7%

When wheels and axles are not aligned,
mechanical parts suffer from increased stress and premature wear

If alignment is not correctly adjusted,
rolling resistance from the tyre increases

Wheel and axle alignment also help
vehicle handling, safety and driver comfort

Lazer Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment saves fuel

Improved fuel economy

Poor wheel alignment increases the rolling resistance of tyres. About 30% of a vehicle’s fuel is used to overcome the tyres rolling resistance and just a small amount of misalignment can increase fuel consumption dramatically.

Savings of up to 5% have already been provenĀ with some operators claiming moreĀ depending on the vehicles operations.

Maximise tyre life

Poor wheel alignment causes uneven tyre wear resulting in premature tyre replacement and increased running costs.

Customers who have added this service to their maintenance programme have already reported a 30% increase in tyre life making the wheel alignment service self funding.

Wheel aligment increases tyre life

Wheel alignment reduces carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

CO2 emissions are the prime greenhouse gas responsible for global warming and the industry is increasingly being asked to consider their environmental impact.

As CO2 emissions are directly proportional to fuel consumption, having the wheels aligned on your commercial vehicle by Collier Commercial Laser Wheel Alignment can have an immediate impact in reducing total carbon emissions.